Why Marine Collagen?

Collagen Story: What is Collagen?


If you’re in the market for a high-quality collagen beauty supplement, always be sure to eye the ingredients list and spot “marine collagen.”

Marine Life

Why Marine Collagen?

At Beaumore, we ensure our collagen production process is environmentally sustainable collagen production and leaves few environmental marks. We source from sustainable fisheries in Japan and derive from salmon and red snapper scales, products which are often thrown away as waste. Plus, relative to bovine collagen extracted from cow, marine collagen is 1.5x more bioavailable than bovine collagen. Our fish-based collagen is ideal for individuals who do not eat red meat or care about sustaining our environment.


Beaumore Red Snapper

Once we get a hold of the fish scales, creating our products is down to a science. The collagen goes through hydrolyzation, which helps amino acids break down and ultimately make it even easier for your body to absorb all those delicious nutrients! Marine collagen holds a high concentration of hydroxyproline, a necessary amino acid to the skin. Its inclusion in our formula leads to more skin-centric results and giving you that glow from within.

Besides our careful attention to our collagen’s source and integration into the many things in our shop, each bottle of our Collagen Beauty Drinks holds almost twice as much collagen than most drinks on the market (on average 5,000mg-12,000mg per serving). Beaumore even sweetens the deal when it comes to marine collagen, removing all fishy flavor from the hydrolyzation process and adding in a delicious orange flavor to every dose.

Now that we have given you the lowdown on our unique collagen story, we hope you find our Beauty Drinks are a perfect addition to your skincare regimen! Any questions? We are always happy to chat about our ingredients and what they mean for you as our customer.

Stay beautiful!

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