Collagen Consumption Depends on Age

Beaumore is proud to have a collagen dosage approximately double the amount of most supplements on the market, with a whopping 20,866mg per bottle.

Although there is nothing wrong with ingesting this much collagen, it is important to know what to expect when adding our collagen beauty drinks into your skincare regimen.

No matter your age, welcome! Beaumore is here to help you feel youth with every sip.


Contrary to our dosage information, we suggest beauties in their 20s incorporate one collagen drink per week. This is due to the high efficiency of your cells in converting nutrients into collagen protein. Our drinks will help in producing it, and anything that isn't utilized to do so will be flushed out over time.

Please note that, as with any new skincare routine, intaking our beauty drinks may result in some breakouts. As your body adjusts to the new influx of collagen, these should subside. If you're still experiencing unusual breakouts after one month, try cutting down on your collagen consumption. You may be maxed out!



As we grow older, natural collagen production begins to slow down and decrease. This is why we experience fine lines and sagging skin over time. Beaumore devotees in their 30's-50's should drink up on collagen two to three times per week to curb this. 

Those of you in this category may experience a slow but steady improvement in the skin, caused by the increasing presence of collagen from our drinks. Your cells will begin taking to it and start producing more of its own. Before you know it, your skin will look more like it did in your younger years and you will feel even more radiant.

60's and Up

By the age of 60, our natural collagen production has all but stopped. It is more important than ever at this stage to keep collagen flowing! Beyond preventing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, ingesting collagen will help maintain healthy bones and flexible joints.  

If you fall into this group, you can load up on our drinks every other day. The other ingredients in our drinks like hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C will also make sure your body is at peak performance.

We cannot wait for you to experience inner and outer beauty with our fabulous collagen drinks. If you have any questions about our recommended dosage, feel free to contact us or reach out on social media!


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